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Our restaurant is bookable for special occasions such as (culinary) workshops, receptions, award presentations, or festive events such as birthdays and weddings.

This location offers access to a video-projector and DJ-booth.

Capacity: up to 90 people (seated) or 150 people (walking-dinner).


A Yacht Club that isn’t a Yacht Club at all, but our version of a Private Dining. This venue on the first floor of our restaurant offers several possibilities for a private dinner or a well-organised meeting. Given its location the first floor, this location offers views even more spectacular than the restaurant.

Access to large HD-display for presentations.

Capacity: maximum 18 people.


During the months of April to September you can also dine or meet at the Waterfront of ‘ De Nieuwe Meer’ at the far end of our Marina. The weather permitting, you will imagine yourself in St. Tropez, and enjoy the dishes that are made for you ‘on-site’ from the open kitchen.

Access to DJ-booth.

Capacity: up to 22 people (seated) or 50 people (standing/walking-dinner)

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